Aidepha MacRae ‘Geeblex’ ft fanex Soulcide lyrics

Hook: Fanex

Why you wanna give your soul to the Devil?
Oh o. Why you wanna give your soul to the Devil? Yeah eah
For money, power and fame…oooh

Verse 1 ( geeblex aidepha mac rae)
You: in a retrospect you feeling remorse
Tell me what you expected if “to gain’s a must”?
‘Cause you wanna get the money and the power you down for the lost.
You know what I mean? You living under curse y’ll
Y to the M to the C.M.B where you all going to be when you D.I.E? I’m separating the fleshy desires.
If not for the grace of God when I’d barely breath.
I got-respect for the love,there is a reason I’m eternally be yours
Yo’mehn, I’m staring over shoulder, looking back to the days,
When I could not obey many laws, though
I was all about the girls and over-priced clothes
But you came to my rescue, I’m restored back to life,
I can’t deny, there is no Joy in the vanity of lost souls
Oh no, to the question they asking “heaven is a court? Can I get me an attorney?”
Nah!. Men y’ll blind to the fact, get a reality check and to Hell with your money
I don’t wanna sin against you Lord, Devil wanna put a Man to a test
But I got that spirit of Jesus in the wilderness
Aint no reason I’d be giving Him a Yes
I know you probably getting that Mill’s
That Flashy Buggatti, but you aint got Peace
Believe me, I’d rather rejoice in adversity
Than to die rich living in sin,
Thank God for the mercy and the grace, He wanted to be slave so we all could be saved,
I’m still on a missionary Journey, winning war against flesh
And I’m down for whatever it takes

Hook( Fanex )

Why you wanna give your soul to the Devil?
Oh o. Why you wanna give your soul to the Devil?
Yeah eah, for money, power and fame
Oh o.
BRIDGE: Fanex. Come back to Him (X3) yeah, yeah

Verse 2 ( geeblex aidepha mac rae )

Yeah I know we living in
Where the humans all about the money and the power never give a
They only wanna ball;when they getting that cash
But they really got to know,that the money won’t last
I’m ashamed of,living in the
Ima man under pressure…
I got pain in my chest
Damn..mehn I’m giving up
I’m eternally believing,No the devil can’t Scare me
Never let the money come in;in between
‘Used to be on my knees on a quest for the king
Now really Imma get to the place,where no sin could exist
I’m rebel to lucifer’s wish
Yeah.I’m living witness and I’m down in the soul winning business Steady going on a mission,I got ants in my pants
I’m nemesis dealing with the beasts
Hey y’ll.sin cannot be an
Lord,I wanna be a man of
I got victory over the Devil
,Jehovah’s given the Holy aggression
So.we on a wait for the
In a blink of an eye,you may be in a
There aint no vacation in heavenly
So I aint paid no attention to what they could say
You all know I got less or no time for paper chase,and now I’m outchea just to make a change
And I wasn’t even deserving another Chance
But you cleaned me up,and I’m whole again
ThankGod for the mercy and the
He wanted to be a slave,so we all could be saved
I’m still on a missionary journey winning war against flesh
And I’m down for what ever it
( Repeat hook)

Outro ( fanex)
In Jesus there is fame, there is power, there is life…
So give your self away
You more than a conqueror…
He is my savior, He is my Father, He is my Healer
..Give your self away….
He gives me joy…….