Heavenly Immunity Lyrics MG_preacher ft Geeblex Macrae,Limoblaze

(Female Background voice)
(cries) Oh Angel don’t go…don’t

Verse 1 of 4 (geeblex mac-rae)

Okay, we scared of nobody we
Going in, yeah!
You really could be
Demonic, yeah!
Already we got the heavenly immunity,
We aint even need the
No, mistaken identity,I aint really mean I be like JF Kennedy
We eternally given the grace to live in the spirit
Against i-m-m-o-r-a-l-i-ty
They keep on telling me, buddy you grown
You got to be down in the party with whores.
You getting it wrong,I’steady be living a life in Christ,I’m gone!,
yeah, I’m gone,
Hey Devil I’m gone, the women in skinny Jeans, I overcome
I cannot be taking a break in the Heavenly Race.
Are you trying to get it?
Yeah, we trying to get it
Are you trying to get it?
Yeah, The most credible revelation is we’ve been granted the Heavenly immunity to get above the law of sin, so all you going to have to do right now, is take advantage of it, and live a glorious life to Heaven, ’cause He won it all
Nah, can’t get to past, I’m gone
Always down for the cause,I aint never tired
I got dead to the flesh, when I recognised it aint nothing.