Looking For Opportunity To Donate to a Charity? Help Fund Kingdom Quest Missions In Africa Today

Kingdom Quest Movement 24:14 is a new non-governmental and non-profit movement, a community of Christian believers with strong passion and ardent interest for soul-winning across the globe. We have come together as a rugged and effective team guided by biblical principles and priorities to spread the Gospel of Christ with the aim of fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20). The population of Africa is about 1.216 billion. We acknowledge and avow the fact that quite a number of lost souls spread across the Continent need the Word to be revived and to survive. Hence, we respond by provision of material, financial, medical, humanitarian support to people living in disaster and poverty stricken areas, recognizing and seizing the opportunity to give spiritual support. We hope to change the world and make it a better place through selfless commitment and a spirit of devotedness. This is borne out of our consciousness to contribute and uplift low human living in the society. We aim to curb the menace of hunger, depression, abject poverty, living in wilderness, we also aim to bring smiles to the faces of people by supporting widows, single mothers facing difficult times and students. To do these, we resolved as follows

1. Tax ourselves, make contribution to give a helping hand to those who are suffering below standard

2. To source for finance through members, reaching out to meaningful people for help

3. Organize empowerment training programmes for peoples at various levels and solicit for funds to establish them for financial stability

4. To help and distribute foods to hunger driven people and strengthen them to stability within a short period of time.

We alone can not do this we need everyone to join us in this crusade and change the world to a better world for all. Thus it would require us making donation and helping people. No amount is too small

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Geeblex Aidepha ft Smithers (U. S. A) – ” The Vogue” Lyrics

[ Verse 1: Geeblex Aidepha Macrae]

Lets go back to the dawn of the universe there wasn’t no authority deported to the devil to manipulate humanity, now is the opposite man lust in the vanity, now we got the devil roaming in The world; “the same sex marriages”, to hell with the cabinet the Obama revolution’s caused a whole lotta damages Yo, and its ‘savaging‘- to the body of christianity and all Man, its so real, ain’t nobody could terminate the bill I’m sick and i’m tired of this “Being civilized” means gettin’ high on the cannabis ; abuse it and pop the pills …and When you roll with a university whore I know it seems right, cause everybody else is doing it Man, tell me how you really gon be’ feelin, when i get it on with your partner and made it known to the public..? Speak up! Y’all welcome to the 21st’, Where “being a virgin at twenty” sounds amazing ‘Got me feeling weird and insecure, ya’ll can’t turn me on, i done told yo I’m given the grace in the race and it takes pain to carry on You prolly never heard about it. man, im ever ready to get above any law against my religion and against my conscience and Im eternally be repping for the Elyon the Gospel i carry on to the Burg in the rain, to the ghetto nobody got me in chains If y’all never learned about the Gospel of Christ then i must take the pain cause Heaven got me to blame. aarh!

[ Hook: Geeblex]

say no to the vogue. Yo they gettin’ it wrong No, don’t you tell me the government is god… No X2

[ Verse 2: Geeblex Aidepha Macrae]

Nakedness is now celebrated the clerics ain’t talk about it, they’re scared of loosing disciples walking through the aisle i see the devil in people So music is the only mechanism i could bleed through let it be known to the church, y’all partaking of His body? Y’all just gettin’ a curse instead of blessings, y’all prolly never heard it before In a perverse generation. the benjamin seems the only god they trust teenagers dropping outta colleges, they ain’t really want no education, they’re up in the city chasing the “American Dream”, all they want is green pasture, and let the nightmares fade away to the dust Yo. I heard a man say “masturbation is not sin”. And that could be the reason im leaving goodbye Chris respect to the level you operate in the spirit, i’m gon’, spare me the pain, you let the worship sink! Aurh You prolly never heard about it, i got so many voices in my head so im raising alarm With the therapeutic reality allotted to your soul, let it be told to the young and the old in the Burg, the rich and the poor living in the ghetto. Nobody got me in chains If y’all ain’t never learned about the Gospel of Christ then i must take the pain cause Heaven got me to blame haarh!

[Repeat: Hook]

[Verse 3: Smithers ] In the beginning, we were planted to practice, put God’s plan into action, stand as the masses but we crash landed in ashes, spun the whole planet on its axis, now we stand in the blackness now we try to vanish and banish the tactics to can up the badness…what’s this?.. so instead of being healthy and well in the body, we gotta manage our scratches and bandage our rashes we gotta stand to combat this, ’cause we gotta man on a man in the van on the back bench or the jack daniels, make you lose your handle and act just like a stand alone actress I’m a candle in blackness, and I dismantle vandals and scandals and whackness, and the man with a hand on your life is the devil, it’s a scam like candy to trap kids You probably never heard about it, brain clouded like a thunderstorm or fog in the morning, but at five in the morning when your eyes are pouring, your bottles will not kill your demise and you’re tore inside like a tourbus escorting performers for the night aim toward the light if you ever wanna be fortified to this life you’re gonna die, it’s time to see more to life

[Outro: Geeblex ]

Why you sleep in church, and stay awake in the club, ? Why you scared of the cop, if you are not breaking the law.? Odeyheh birileh ( Igede Language), and its prolly because of the internet

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Weak Soul (Devout Notes) Lyrics- Geeblex Aidepha Macrae

Weak Soul” Lyrics by Geeblex Aidepha Macrae

“Home Ward Bound 2″

[ Hook ]

He came and chose to die instead Took away the pain, the shame and the blame He came and chose to die instead Nailed it all unto the cross, He took the pain Untill today, why you choose to crucify Him again?

Oh oh oh

why you choose to crucify Him again?

[Verse 1 ]

I got totally carried away I got totally carried away My soul deflated the day i decided leave, and so was the Peace Now i just wanna pick up the pieces, don’t tell me you are not going to listen. Hear me! I seek for the King. I don’t wanna loose him again. I hate this feeling! Oh Lord-im tired of running ‘Got naked and shameful I knew when you called me my life is so complicated because of decisions i made Im sorry. I remember when i was a kid you appeared and you told me you love me! And that was never gon’ break off. Now i don’t understand i prolly got laid off. Cheah Just gimme the grace, i wanted it too many times, i do not deserve this But i’d rather come knocking the door, instead of turning to the worse, Cause i’m not perfect, im not going to take you for granted. I promise, i’ll carry the cross. Oh God Lord, You gotta forgive me… [ Hook] He came and chose to die instead Took away the pain, the shame and the blame He came and chose to die instead Nailed it all unto the cross, He took the blame Until today day..why you choose crucify Him again Oh ooh oo oh….

[Verse 2 ]

I was going for a surgery just when i graduated headed off to the college ‘Never thought i’d survive, so i thought its best to be honest And call to the Father. Would You forgive me?. I hope that my prayer get passed through the ceiling Cause really, the life in eternity got my attention, i got a broken Spirit im willing to spread out the gospel, i come with the message of grace to the world tell’em to get ready to get back to the cause. Im not ashamed, i’d take the pain, for the glory of God…….. Its never too late


Him came and chose to die instead Took away the pain, the shame and the blame He came and chose to die instead Nailed it all unto the cross, He took the blame [ Hook] He came and chose to die instead Took away the pain, the shame and the blame He came and chose to die instead Nailed it all unto the cross, He took the pain Until today..why you choose to crucify Him again? Oh ooh oooh….


I felt so much pain! When i beheld my reflection I just could not take it anymore

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