Life is all about relationship. It’s very important you understand how important it is to relate positively with others. If someone dies you don’t say he/she survived by two cars, a mansion, e.t.c. You say he survived by a wife, two children e.t.c.
You need to value relationship, but
When attractions begin to develop amonsgt you and a person of the opposite sex, know these things

1. It’s time to set limits (make it sex-free)
2. It’s time to share the story with other people (the right persons) for advice
3. It’s time to declare your interest and intentions
4. Determine God’s will
5. Seek parental advice
6. Figure out if it’s love or infatuation (2 Samuel 13:1)

COURTSHIP- Courtship is a period of getting to know the Dos and Don’ts. Do the following during courtship

1. Ask of love minus sex (purity stands first) col 3:17, 2 Timothy 2:19.
2 Share your salvation stories or testimonies
3. Be sure of your partner’s salvation (sometimes knowledge doesn’t come by experience but by observations).
4. Find time to fast and pray together
5. Study the Bible together
6. Share your dreams and ambitions
7. Share your convictions, values, and expectations
8. It should not be based on assumptions
9. Get to know his or her people
10. Exercise self control
11. Watch against ‘one careless moment’

1. Don’t assume he/she is a Christian
2. Don’t have sex before or outside your marriage phill 1:27
3. Never hit your partner
4. Don’t stay together alone behind locked door (For too long)
5. Don’t keep a spare tire (Don’t cheat)
6. Don’t spend time watching overrated movies
7. Don’t be too spiritual
8. Conduct yourselves in a Godly manner
9. Don’t marry under pressure
Always remember, a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage!

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