HOW I GOT SAVED: My Life. My Story. My Testimony- Aidepha Macrae (Geeblex)

Pls don’t scroll over this like it’s a Microsoft agreement, you’ll be blessed! Hi. My name is Aidepha Macrae, I’m a part-time gospel music artiste and a full-time Missionary. THE PAST I started music when I was about 13 years old back in college in 2008, not yet recording but writing. I wrote a couple of secular songs which I never recorded but hoping to when I’m done with High School. I couldn’t sing gospel songs or play Kirk Franklin in public because people would label me a “Devout Christ-ian”, matter of fact, I was ashamed of the Gospel. I wouldn’t think that my lyrics were “hot” if the “F-Word” isn’t a part of it. I got stuck in the quicksand of juvenile lifestyle, followed the bad boys, coming late for classes, greasing the palm of the gate man to let us flow in and out, involved in truancy but never smoked, drank or chase the ladies or got into drugs with them, I was pertinacious though; (Somehow I got the grace to be a hard-headed lad with a difference and stay off those till I got saved). One night I got a call from one of the bad boys asking me if I wanted to be a ‘man’. I told him “No” bluntly. All he wanted was to initiate me into a cult group, but all I ever wanted was to be a tough guy, not some bad boy on the block, so at that point, I knew it was time to leave the platoon, I had this “Radical Rejection” attitude toward sin. But I was way too controversial and always getting into trouble with the school authority, I was known for stirring steal waters. THE MIRACLES Finally done with the examinations I needed to get to college and was going do settle for a little musical time before that. I fell sick and had to go through surgery, out of the fear of the afterlife I made a deal with God and literally told him that “If I get to be wheeled out of the OR alive, I’d completely switch from secular music to gospel”. And it went perfectly that way. After a few weeks, it was now time to record my first gospel single “Have a Dream”. I needed a #1000 to add up to the one I already had for the record. Had no idea where I was going to get it from. Was not going to dare to ask my parents for a dime as they never wanted to hear me rap. So I went to my room, knelt down and talked to God like a dad and just after praying, out of faith, I called the artiste I was going to work with and told him to get ready, we voicing tomorrow, came outside to the front of the porch and was looking up to the blue sky while rehearsing my lines, and just when I looked down, I saw a #1000 right on the ground close to flower palm tree. I was shocked to the bone marrow and that was how I got to the studio to record my first Gospel single the next day. I’d consider that a divine approval. Remember they always say “Miracles are normal”; if you are a believer.


I’m no longer ashamed of the Gospel. Everyone is got a purpose and I think mine is to help people uncover their purpose in life. People have priorities in life. for some in life, perhaps on social media could be to impress people for a thousand likes. Mine is to inspire, motivate and bless over a thousand lives. Because I understand that the moment you become born again, at that very moment a responsibility comes upon you, and that’s the Great Commission, We keep talking of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ; half the world has never heard of the first. Each time I stare at the mirror, I recall the words of Hudson Taylor; “I often think that God must have been looking for someone small enough and weak enough for Him to use, and that He found me.” God could speak to you through, visions, dreams, Bible passages and devotionals, prophecies; feeding you with informations on who to meet, how to go about winning souls, strengthening souls for the expansion of His Kingdom, the people you need to connect with. And no matter how big the dream is never think yourself as something less, because God is Big. In 2015 I was invited to a church and a Man of God made a prophecy about me becoming a world renowned soul-winner (Missionary) which I shared on Facebook, after that came I received more of such prophecies from different bona fide men of God and God Himself has been speaking to me, showing me which way to go, and people I need to connect with. All these gave birth to the new vision and mission of Kingdom Quest Movement. Kingdom Quest Movement 24:14 is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, set up to win, motivate and impact souls with the Gospel of Christ. As we are about embarking on soul-winning, humanitarian aid real soon. KQM used to be a musical clique, the phrase “Used to be” doesn’t in any way make me a former rapper/singer. It’s just a little addition of purpose to be able to connect physically with the good news of salvation and give humanitarian support to souls, to people living in remote areas too poor to have access to technology, to listen to the gospel we preach through music. while I watch them get a relief from the mental stress of poverty. That gives me more joy than the feedbacks I receive from musical fanatics world over. And to end this story, I say LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE, THAT PUTS SMILE ON THE FACE OF HEAVEN.


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