HOW I GOT SAVED: My Life. My Story. My Testimony- Aidepha Macrae (Geeblex)

Pls don’t scroll over this like it’s a Microsoft agreement, you’ll be blessed! Hi. My name is Aidepha Macrae, I’m a part-time gospel music artiste and a full-time Missionary. THE PAST I started music when I was about 13 years old back in college in 2008, not yet recording but writing. I wrote a couple of secular songs which I never recorded but hoping to when I’m done with High School. I couldn’t sing gospel songs or play Kirk Franklin in public because people would label me a “Devout Christ-ian”, matter of fact, I was ashamed of the Gospel. I wouldn’t think that my lyrics were “hot” if the “F-Word” isn’t a part of it. I got stuck in the quicksand of juvenile lifestyle, followed the bad boys, coming late for classes, greasing the palm of the gate man to let us flow in and out, involved in truancy but never smoked, drank or chase the ladies or got into drugs with them, I was pertinacious though; (Somehow I got the grace to be a hard-headed lad with a difference and stay off those till I got saved). One night I got a call from one of the bad boys asking me if I wanted to be a ‘man’. I told him “No” bluntly. All he wanted was to initiate me into a cult group, but all I ever wanted was to be a tough guy, not some bad boy on the block, so at that point, I knew it was time to leave the platoon, I had this “Radical Rejection” attitude toward sin. But I was way too controversial and always getting into trouble with the school authority, I was known for stirring steal waters. THE MIRACLES Finally done with the examinations I needed to get to college and was going do settle for a little musical time before that. I fell sick and had to go through surgery, out of the fear of the afterlife I made a deal with God and literally told him that “If I get to be wheeled out of the OR alive, I’d completely switch from secular music to gospel”. And it went perfectly that way. After a few weeks, it was now time to record my first gospel single “Have a Dream”. I needed a #1000 to add up to the one I already had for the record. Had no idea where I was going to get it from. Was not going to dare to ask my parents for a dime as they never wanted to hear me rap. So I went to my room, knelt down and talked to God like a dad and just after praying, out of faith, I called the artiste I was going to work with and told him to get ready, we voicing tomorrow, came outside to the front of the porch and was looking up to the blue sky while rehearsing my lines, and just when I looked down, I saw a #1000 right on the ground close to flower palm tree. I was shocked to the bone marrow and that was how I got to the studio to record my first Gospel single the next day. I’d consider that a divine approval. Remember they always say “Miracles are normal”; if you are a believer.


I’m no longer ashamed of the Gospel. Everyone is got a purpose and I think mine is to help people uncover their purpose in life. People have priorities in life. for some in life, perhaps on social media could be to impress people for a thousand likes. Mine is to inspire, motivate and bless over a thousand lives. Because I understand that the moment you become born again, at that very moment a responsibility comes upon you, and that’s the Great Commission, We keep talking of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ; half the world has never heard of the first. Each time I stare at the mirror, I recall the words of Hudson Taylor; “I often think that God must have been looking for someone small enough and weak enough for Him to use, and that He found me.” God could speak to you through, visions, dreams, Bible passages and devotionals, prophecies; feeding you with informations on who to meet, how to go about winning souls, strengthening souls for the expansion of His Kingdom, the people you need to connect with. And no matter how big the dream is never think yourself as something less, because God is Big. In 2015 I was invited to a church and a Man of God made a prophecy about me becoming a world renowned soul-winner (Missionary) which I shared on Facebook, after that came I received more of such prophecies from different bona fide men of God and God Himself has been speaking to me, showing me which way to go, and people I need to connect with. All these gave birth to the new vision and mission of Kingdom Quest Movement. Kingdom Quest Movement 24:14 is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, set up to win, motivate and impact souls with the Gospel of Christ. As we are about embarking on soul-winning, humanitarian aid real soon. KQM used to be a musical clique, the phrase “Used to be” doesn’t in any way make me a former rapper/singer. It’s just a little addition of purpose to be able to connect physically with the good news of salvation and give humanitarian support to souls, to people living in remote areas too poor to have access to technology, to listen to the gospel we preach through music. while I watch them get a relief from the mental stress of poverty. That gives me more joy than the feedbacks I receive from musical fanatics world over. And to end this story, I say LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE, THAT PUTS SMILE ON THE FACE OF HEAVEN.


Rapper Aidepha Mac-Rae ‘Geeblex’ Wrote an Open Letter To CHH Artistes In His Hometown via Instagram @aidepha_macrae

Open Letter (gospel artistes : Benue, Makurdi)- Geeblex Aidepha Macrae

I don’t mean to cause any reverberations considering the fact that i have been tagged ‘controversial’ over the years. But Lemme quickly say this. The concept of “clashing schedules” i don’t think is new to anyone. Gospel shows, concerts, events have been held, videos were shot, a lot went on (In Makurdi, Benue State, specifically) in my absence. But the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence; I could remember a night i prayed for the success of a particular concert, i knew time or distance wasn’t going to lemme attend physically, but for real, i was there in the spirit. The point is, i get questioned sometimes by close musical fanatics about not showing up, it gets more crazy when i get to see annoying posts on facebook by some insensitive and callous ‘gospel artistes’, about not showing up, i could apparently say were directed to timeless artistes like myself. That makes me want to imagine how much and deep the knife stab to my back went, but they should be glad I’m two classes away from getting baptized. They are prolly quick to judge because of the delusive thinking that “beef” is actually going on between me and couple artistes doing CHH. The fact is, as humans, we interact constantly, there’s tendency to develop conflicting philosophies and ideologies, but that doesn’t mean i would want to sever ties or withdraw any little support i could offer for the expansion of His Kingdom, no matter the dissension. Do you know why there can’t be competition amongst genuine gospel artistes?, its because we all seek to win all souls for one God. Look, i don’t even see my self as a musician anymore, i have more weighty dreams to pursue; to me.. im just an expressionist before the microphone, so spare me the drama. Nevertheless, you can only live freely without worries when you’ve realised you you can’t disassociate criticism from existence. I’d be glad if you have a rethink and stop judging a free spirit with a clean heart- #PeaceOut @aidepha_macrae

Devout Notes (God or Pills) lyrics. Geeblex Aidepha ft. Comfort Onah

[Intro: Geeblex]

I gotta give this to Chester I don’t know why you gotta go

[Verse 1: Geeblex]

I really cant afford to move on till the break of dawn I dedicate this to anyone trying to break the walls I’ve been a victim. .sick of depression Loosing every minute, aint nobody to depend on Im tired and im weary The load is too heavy, Im mentally stressed, does anybody hear me? To gimme lil reason… i guess they aint ready I got not even a pops to call when i’m crazy, im lonely I live in a room filled with the past The dark memories keep coming back They chasing, im running, i stumble and fall The love, the attention is something you lack. yeah, im stuck in a cage, im deranged. Nothing compares to the pain, got sparks in my brain I need to escape to the bosom of grace And take off the pain, never give in to the girls on the game and the green bottles So, I gotta stay whole_ and prayed up Let the Holy Spirit come through to heal me Cause i lack the ability; im gassed up. Haarh Honestly, man im just real, I never resort to the pills, cause I know of God and He is real And i could depend on to get me relieved instead. When im breaking When i slowly fade way to the path where i become a Slave to the fate When nobody understands my pain, when im separated in the rain in the rain this way Lord, i can’t take it, can’t face this, my mind is racing, I get surrended by folks, pretending they care Well , they really just complicate it What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger right? I promise, I’ll give all away to the Christ when I pass Through the darkest night

[Chorus : Comfort Onah ]

No, I cannot make this, I can’t take this Oh no. Oh Lord I cannot make this, I can’t take this Oh no. Oh Lord… No, I can’t No no no no no I can’t O oo oh…

[Spoken Words: Interlude]

I got friends on a birthday, but they all gone after blowing up the candle lights, and im left all alone on this journey To eternity….isolated in my fears. i needed somebody to give me Rest and keep me away from the demons inside of my head The drugs, alcohol, sex, and everything else thought to be a medication At the end, turns you around to a complication, i mean, it only Gives a temporary solution to that problem, cause afterwards you back to that same mess, faced with a depression Sometimes “why God? ” could be a rhetorical question, you know But you see, He is always got the best intentions You never could tell which friends are real You never could tell whose portion could heal or kill So i choose to put every trust in God, ’cause in Him i believe

[Outro: Comfort, Geeblex]

No, I can’t.. Noo.. I need you o o oh O o oh… Oo oh..

Kingdom Quest Movement 24:14 Bless

Geeblex Aidepha ft Smithers (U. S. A) – ” The Vogue” Lyrics

[ Verse 1: Geeblex Aidepha Macrae]

Lets go back to the dawn of the universe there wasn’t no authority deported to the devil to manipulate humanity, now is the opposite man lust in the vanity, now we got the devil roaming in The world; “the same sex marriages”, to hell with the cabinet the Obama revolution’s caused a whole lotta damages Yo, and its ‘savaging‘- to the body of christianity and all Man, its so real, ain’t nobody could terminate the bill I’m sick and i’m tired of this “Being civilized” means gettin’ high on the cannabis ; abuse it and pop the pills …and When you roll with a university whore I know it seems right, cause everybody else is doing it Man, tell me how you really gon be’ feelin, when i get it on with your partner and made it known to the public..? Speak up! Y’all welcome to the 21st’, Where “being a virgin at twenty” sounds amazing ‘Got me feeling weird and insecure, ya’ll can’t turn me on, i done told yo I’m given the grace in the race and it takes pain to carry on You prolly never heard about it. man, im ever ready to get above any law against my religion and against my conscience and Im eternally be repping for the Elyon the Gospel i carry on to the Burg in the rain, to the ghetto nobody got me in chains If y’all never learned about the Gospel of Christ then i must take the pain cause Heaven got me to blame. aarh!

[ Hook: Geeblex]

say no to the vogue. Yo they gettin’ it wrong No, don’t you tell me the government is god… No X2

[ Verse 2: Geeblex Aidepha Macrae]

Nakedness is now celebrated the clerics ain’t talk about it, they’re scared of loosing disciples walking through the aisle i see the devil in people So music is the only mechanism i could bleed through let it be known to the church, y’all partaking of His body? Y’all just gettin’ a curse instead of blessings, y’all prolly never heard it before In a perverse generation. the benjamin seems the only god they trust teenagers dropping outta colleges, they ain’t really want no education, they’re up in the city chasing the “American Dream”, all they want is green pasture, and let the nightmares fade away to the dust Yo. I heard a man say “masturbation is not sin”. And that could be the reason im leaving goodbye Chris respect to the level you operate in the spirit, i’m gon’, spare me the pain, you let the worship sink! Aurh You prolly never heard about it, i got so many voices in my head so im raising alarm With the therapeutic reality allotted to your soul, let it be told to the young and the old in the Burg, the rich and the poor living in the ghetto. Nobody got me in chains If y’all ain’t never learned about the Gospel of Christ then i must take the pain cause Heaven got me to blame haarh!

[Repeat: Hook]

[Verse 3: Smithers ] In the beginning, we were planted to practice, put God’s plan into action, stand as the masses but we crash landed in ashes, spun the whole planet on its axis, now we stand in the blackness now we try to vanish and banish the tactics to can up the badness…what’s this?.. so instead of being healthy and well in the body, we gotta manage our scratches and bandage our rashes we gotta stand to combat this, ’cause we gotta man on a man in the van on the back bench or the jack daniels, make you lose your handle and act just like a stand alone actress I’m a candle in blackness, and I dismantle vandals and scandals and whackness, and the man with a hand on your life is the devil, it’s a scam like candy to trap kids You probably never heard about it, brain clouded like a thunderstorm or fog in the morning, but at five in the morning when your eyes are pouring, your bottles will not kill your demise and you’re tore inside like a tourbus escorting performers for the night aim toward the light if you ever wanna be fortified to this life you’re gonna die, it’s time to see more to life

[Outro: Geeblex ]

Why you sleep in church, and stay awake in the club, ? Why you scared of the cop, if you are not breaking the law.? Odeyheh birileh ( Igede Language), and its prolly because of the internet

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Weak Soul (Devout Notes) Lyrics- Geeblex Aidepha Macrae

Weak Soul” Lyrics by Geeblex Aidepha Mac-rae

“Home Ward Bound 2″

[ Hook ]

He came and chose to die instead

Took away the pain, the shame and the blame

He came and chose to die instead

Nailed it all unto the cross, He took the pain

Untill today, why you choose to crucify Him again?

Oh oh oh

why you choose to crucify Him again?

[Verse 1 ]

I got totally carried away I got totally carried away

My soul deflated the day i decided leave, and so was the Peace

Now i just wanna pick up the pieces, don’t tell me you are not going to listen. Hear me!

I seek for the King. I don’t wanna loose him again. I hate this feeling!

Oh Lord-im tired of running ‘Got naked and shameful I knew when you called me

my life is so complicated because of decisions i made Im sorry.

I remember when i was a kid you appeared and you told me you love me!

And that was never gon’ break off.

Now i don’t understand i prolly got laid off. Cheah

Just gimme the grace, i wanted it too many times, i do not deserve this

But i’d rather come knocking the door, instead of turning to the worse, Cause i’m not perfect, im not going to take You for granted. I promise, i’ll carry the cross.

Oh God Lord, You gotta forgive me…

[ Hook]

He came and chose to die instead

Took away the pain, the shame and the blame

He came and chose to die instead Nailed it all unto the cross, He took the blame

Until today day..why you choose crucify Him again Oh ooh oo oh….

[Verse 2 ]

I was going for a surgery just when i graduated headed off to the college

‘Never thought i’d survive, so i thought its best to be honest And call to the Father.

Would You forgive me?. I hope that my prayer get passed through the ceiling Cause really, the life in eternity got my attention, i got a broken Spirit

im willing to spread out the gospel

I come to the world with the message of grace

Tell’em to get ready to get back to the cause. Im not ashamed, i’d take the pain, for the glory of God…….. Its never too late


Him came and chose to die instead

Took away the pain, the shame and the blame

He came and chose to die instead Nailed it all unto the cross, He took the blame

[ Hook]

He came and chose to die instead

Took away the pain, the shame and the blame

He came and chose to die instead Nailed it all unto the cross, He took the pain

Until today..why you choose to crucify Him again? Oh ooh oooh….


I felt so much pain! When i beheld my reflection I just could not take it anymore

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BURNT BRIDGES LYRICS: Geeblex Aidepha Macrae Ft. Echow Clay



(feat. Echow Clay )

[Intro: Echow Clay ]

For so long I was in the dark..
But I now I got my duffle bag.
Catch me on the road unto to the
Promised land
The promised land

[Verse 1: Geeblex ]

No excuse to be living in
Not even on the ground; ,”ima human
But there wasn’t anyway I’d be done chasing
I’m tired of gazing at the magazines
Eventually,yo’ I graduated, got lust over women in skinny jeans
I’m crashing! Aurmh
all I really ever wanted was a
in 2011, I was a man in a sturdy chain
Back in the day
When the vision of eternity was all
The cops chase on a daily
‘Cocain in the backstages,I double back to the Rock of Ages, Oh God!
Would you forgive me?, I wanna be that man in the spirit
Grace could be “a needle in a haystack”
If you aint ever believe in the God, you aint get there
I made everyone realise that I’m already
Taken and yeaah, there wasn’t any
There’s a reason I live, it’s all clinged to the king; to the king of the kings
The soul-winning business, ima witness
Ima eternally down for the k I n g dom

[Chorus: Echow Clay]

For so long I was in the dark..
But I now I got my duffle bag
Catch me on the road unto the
Promised land
The promised land
Can’t you see, how beautiful o oh
Can’t you see, how beautiful o oh
Can’t you see, how beautiful o oh
Beautiful o ooh
I’m so unstopable

[ Verse 2 : Geeblex Aidepha ]

Can anybody be a man enough, to giving it up and all to the God we trust,?
Oh My God
The destination is the motivation, so quit talking ’bout ‘balling’
Yeah,I got my life on a check and I was like;
“Man I’m I really gon’ make this?”…
Ima man in the spirit,I’m regenerated
And aint nobody gon’ take it
Heaven!, is all in my brain
got His blood in my veins
The God and the Man in flesh is given me reason to live and endure the pain
There is no condemnation-if you be-live in the christ,
we got to be ready to winning the war
Say no to the call when the women entice,mmh
Hommie get some advice; be giving this all away tonight
I was trying to get rid of the chain
they’ analyzing if I’m getting it right
Don’t judge me
Said I was trying to get rid of the chain
they’ analyzing if I’m getting it right
Don’t judge me!

[Chorus: –: Echow Clay ]

For so long I was in the dark..
But I now I got my duffle bag
Catch me on the road unto the
Promised land
The promised land
Can’t you see, how beautiful o oh
Can’t you see, how beautiful o oh
Can’t you see, how beautiful o oh
Beautiful o ooh
I’m so unstopable

Geeblex Aidepha Macrae| Official Biography

BORN: 14 December, 1995


ORIGIN: Benue State, Nigeria

YEARS ACTIVE: 2011-present

CLIQUE: kingdom Quest Movement
Genre: Hip-Hop


Rapper Aidepha Macrae, better known as lil Geeblex, is a North-central christian recording Rapper and Singer, a formal Christ Embassy choir member and also a professional Lyricist, composing with the audience in mind constantly. Raised in Nigeria alongside His twin sister Inepha Joyce and elder brother Olu by both parents. During His childhood, Geeblex had much interest in drawing, painting and scientific inventions, At age 5, he got inspired by the popular singer Sean Paul and lots of other eminent Singers, started listening to several R&B songs hence began to write and sing at a tender age but could not develop His musical inherent ability early enough because His parents were not in support of it, though he was surrounded by great sources of musical inspiration. After some time, he discovered he could really express himself vocally through Rap music,spitting hundreds of words within few seconds in the verses. During the High-school days, you could find Macrae rapping in the class when the Teacher isn’t around, and when he gets caught he’d be punished for disorganizing the class. Just before graduation, He got featured in the school All-stars and was detrimental on the beat. In february 2012, when he was 17, he took part in “StarQuest 2011” audition featuring the Nigerian Singer, Rapper Aituaje Iruobe popularly called Waje and KC as judges and emerged one of the best contestants and that made him one of rap’s most distinctive personalities in the state as a secular rapper which gained him the approval of underground hip hop audiences and elevated his fan-base. The Top Nigeria Music Awards Nominee should be known for His unique, straight from the heart kind of rap that he delivers in company of brilliant lines all through the verses, versatile energetic rap-style and freestyle abilCHRISTIAN LIFE

In august 2012 after college graduation, he became a Christian due to a divine encounter he had ; He fell seriously ill and had to go through surgery on september 5th that same year and it took him few months to recover which He explained to be a great set-back against his musical career in the industry . Just after then, he made a life changing decision making a transition to christian-rap music and released his first single “I have a dream” in october 9th, 2013. Which’s all about what changes he would like to see in the world; a change for christ, till we are taken. His current single “soulcide1028” a heavenly rhythm that controls the heartbeat, featuring a local singer Fanex, released in october 2014 is currently trending, expect a lot more from this young Rappper as He is currently working on his controversial EP album “The Devout Notes ” expected to be released early in may 2017
Twitter : @aidepha_geeblex Instagram : @aidepha_macrae

Facebook: @aidephamacrae