Devout Notes (God or Pills) lyrics. Geeblex Aidepha ft. Comfort Onah

[Intro: Geeblex]

I gotta give this to Chester I don’t know why you gotta go

[Verse 1: Geeblex]

I really cant afford to move on till the break of dawn I dedicate this to anyone trying to break the walls I’ve been a victim. .sick of depression Loosing every minute, aint nobody to depend on Im tired and im weary The load is too heavy, Im mentally stressed, does anybody hear me? To gimme lil reason… i guess they aint ready I got not even a pops to call when i’m crazy, im lonely I live in a room filled with the past The dark memories keep coming back They chasing, im running, i stumble and fall The love, the attention is something you lack. yeah, im stuck in a cage, im deranged. Nothing compares to the pain, got sparks in my brain I need to escape to the bosom of grace And take off the pain, never give in to the girls on the game and the green bottles So, I gotta stay whole_ and prayed up Let the Holy Spirit come through to heal me Cause i lack the ability; im gassed up. Haarh Honestly, man im just real, I never resort to the pills, cause I know of God and He is real And i could depend on to get me relieved instead. When im breaking When i slowly fade way to the path where i become a Slave to the fate When nobody understands my pain, when im separated in the rain in the rain this way Lord, i can’t take it, can’t face this, my mind is racing, I get surrended by folks, pretending they care Well , they really just complicate it What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger right? I promise, I’ll give all away to the Christ when I pass Through the darkest night

[Chorus : Comfort Onah ]

No, I cannot make this, I can’t take this Oh no. Oh Lord I cannot make this, I can’t take this Oh no. Oh Lord… No, I can’t No no no no no I can’t O oo oh…

[Spoken Words: Interlude]

I got friends on a birthday, but they all gone after blowing up the candle lights, and im left all alone on this journey To eternity….isolated in my fears. i needed somebody to give me Rest and keep me away from the demons inside of my head The drugs, alcohol, sex, and everything else thought to be a medication At the end, turns you around to a complication, i mean, it only Gives a temporary solution to that problem, cause afterwards you back to that same mess, faced with a depression Sometimes “why God? ” could be a rhetorical question, you know But you see, He is always got the best intentions You never could tell which friends are real You never could tell whose portion could heal or kill So i choose to put every trust in God, ’cause in Him i believe

[Outro: Comfort, Geeblex]

No, I can’t.. Noo.. I need you o o oh O o oh… Oo oh..

Kingdom Quest Movement 24:14 Bless


The Fear of God Lyrics | Eshon Burgundy

One time for the realest
Who show us love
Even though he could kill us
We are
Full of evil
Even in cathedral buildings
Wicked people
Like a CO
On bended knee to our feelings
Who supersede the conceit of a villain
Who blew and breathe in the same air of hustlers who said they ain’t care
How can we dare not reserve fear for God alone?
Erect our own image and with it camouflage His throne
They trying to take the title from the Bible
Trying to redefine the truth and make us feel like we are psychos
Their bullets got our names
And ain’t no typos on their rifles
But that’s why we’re unashamed
And make no idol of survival
The fear of God got me somewhere up here
The problem with Sodom is they preferred the bottom of the sphere
A clear lack of fear of the name by which one swears
I might appear cavalier and obscene to the average ear
But uh
This is what it is
This ain’t what it ain’t
It’s way above your pay grade
Higher than your rank
They told me I should go subliminal
But I can’t
Feel like Jeremiah except that fire shut up in my veins
The God of Heaven
Most merciful, holiness manifested
Can’t approach Him like a peasant
He is King, get intoxicated by the smell of victory and sing
To His majesty,6
The King of Isra-el-o-him
Manna from the clouds
Water from the bricks
Now the bricks give us bread
Till we indicted by the Feds
Or a rival tries to break through
Your vest with a hallow head
When the range is point blank the chance is zero that you’ll live
But fear not those
Who kill and go to jail
Fear the one who takes the body
And soul
And send them to hell
And I’m not trying hear no prophecy
From Baal
That’s probably an atrocity
That’s obviously a fail
And these rappers make a mockery
For a lottery of sales
Hate the sin
But I still love on them
Like I can’t even tell
The more I discover your love
I feel secure
And I depart from evil
Because of the fear of
… God